My Message to You

From Dan Matthews

“ In times of crisis we turn to trusted leaders who offer integrity, experience, courage, and competence to advance unity, justice, and solutions – someone we Trust – never those pursuing the vain illusion of political power.

I am Dan Matthews and, Like You, I’ve Had Enough! And that is why I am running to Represent you in Congress. Yes, I have come off the bench. I have reentered the fight – a fight for Liberty, for individual and societal rights, for Faith, for Family, and yes, for Freedom. Because these matter! “

Before God, and man, I have just repeated the Oath of Office I have sworn – several times in my Life, in fact. I have not been absolved of this Oath. I am committed still!
I have been in this fight for a long time.
I am a veteran of two wars, and the ongoing combat of the political arena, having even fought Patty Murray at the School Board level. Both arenas ask for a commitment to country, to our countrymen, and to the Constitution, through our Oath of Office.
My commitment remains. I have not been absolved of this solemn Oath!
It is apparent: This fight is not over!! Ronald Reagan was right: “Freedom is but one generation away from extinction.”
WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH – and we are not going away! We MUST – Seize the day! ‘Lest “Truth forever be on the scaffold, wrong forever on the throne!”
Please, Do not be silenced! Do not remain on the sidelines – the time is short! The stakes are too high!

D a n M a t t h e w s

Democratic Socialism does NOT represent me – It does not represent you!
Absurd political theories that divide and enflame; sexual confusion and agendas that threaten society, Political Science – masquerading as science and fact; the undermining of law enforcement and law itself – on so many fronts, we are now at war!

Make no mistake, This war is no longer ideological – this war is Spiritual, Social, Ethical, yes, Political, and Moral at its core.

Our wounds and division are deep.
We are challenged on every front – but not defeated. We are anxious and hurting –
but we are not without Hope.

Again, Please – Join me – it whatever way you possibly can.
Together, we will make a difference – for today and for tomorrow.
. . . For Life, It is for Liberty, it is for Love – Nothing Less.

Dan MatthewsThank You,

I am running for Congress to heal and restore – reversing our current crisis.
As a friend and neighbor, I offer Real, Independent, Trustworthy Leadership – focused on Honorable Service.

Today, there is no moderation, no balance, and certainly, no civility.

Democrats have used every partisan tactic to retain power and dictate an extreme, Leftist agenda. They are not done!!!
Disagree, and you are either a Racist, Nazi, or Domestic Terrorist. It’s all about CONTROL, with the inevitable result: Civility, Respect, and Discourse are casualties!
Our society and government are out of control – we are in a serious crisis! Enough!

While my opponent, Rick Larsen, and his Party, the Democrats, advance Fear, Dependency, Despair and Division – I will listen, lead, and humbly articulate the value of a unified, diverse, loving society.
My purpose: “… to secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity!”

Drug trafficking and human trafficking are epidemic, and inflation is burdening everyone but the elite and super wealthy. Our freedoms are in peril and the Democrats seem to be enjoying this mess of their making, indeed, using it to their benefit.
Create a crisis and then be the rescuer – how perverse is that!
And they are winning – you and your family are progressively being enslaved! Enough!

While Larsen and company pursue expanding government – ever spending and taxing more –

I will target unrestrained spending, attacking Inflation and our National Debt – strengthening Economic Security.
Larsen and the D’s demand more Control and Dependency – I represent personal independence, rights, and responsibilities.

While they would undermine Election Integrity and Federalize Elections, I uphold one-person – one-vote principles, anchored in Election Security, Citizenship, Verified Votes, and Honesty.

Rick Larsen – Our Pawn of the President – and the Far Left, would Defund our Police … I will Encourage and Defend compassionate, effective Law Enforcement. And, I advocate Restoring Energy Independence, not undermining it.

It’s time for retirement. Yes, it is! Time for Rick Larsen’s retirement! We cannot take too much more of this underperforming Democrat and skillful politician – The 2nd District Rubber Stamp has abandoned us to perpetually support Pelosi and Biden.
The Emperor has no clothes and Rick is his Pawn, telling us how good we have it …Out-of-Touch!!
Without question, by all measures and in all areas, the Democrats have become the Party of Extremism and Tyranny. AOC, Bernie and the Squad dominate and dictate our course. Biden dithers and all the while, Rick Larsen hides – the Puppet of Pelosi.

We have had enough … of Rick AND his Party! We really cannot stand too much more of their misdeeds, misstatements, mishandling, missteps, mistakes, misdirection, and – get the latest –
their Ministry of Truth. Their lies, and their skewed perspectives, must no longer go unanswered. Let citizens be the Fact-Checkers! Let our VOTE speak!
SO, Let Apathy and Ignorance now take a shower in the awakening, pure water of Truth, real justice, and those of us who are mad as hell and are not going to take it anymore!

Do you hear us? We have had Enough!!!

My Absolute Priorities: Personal, Economic, Border, and National Security, Environmental concerns, and always, the Character and Integrity of government and those who govern. I stand against Dishonest, Deceptive Politicians flush with great Power and Money. We are being manipulated – daily!

Addressing our challenges, I will never resort to political deceptions or extremism, but advance Truth, Cooperation, Respect, and Understanding.
I seek real Climate Change – starting with our political discourse and direction.
I will never capitalize on Social Unrest and Division, but uphold these Core Values: Life, Family, Relationships, and National Unity – emphasizing Service, Sacrifice, Community, and Communication.

Finally, haven’t we had enough of the ultimate insult and injustice: enough of the continued attack on the next generation, the promise of tomorrow, yet continuing as the open assault on unborn children through the immoral and indefensible “choice” of Abortion? We have had enough!

The Insanity Must Stop! The dishonest rhetoric cannot mask the Truth: Man’s inhumanity to man, and children, knows no bounds – they have now proven this!

Is power so intoxicating that we see fit to destroy innocent life? Whether here, or even in the classroom, the abuse and assault of our children is going to stop!


As a professional pilot – if a plane were out of control and I was aboard – I would not hesitate to offer myself to help regain control. I am not hesitating now – our government and society are seriously headed for disaster – we are out of control and those in control have created this crisis.

We cannot, we must not, return to power those who have created our current crisis. Common sense, a balanced voice, and real leadership are needed. We need a Representative who is one of us, who will speak for us and not be a disappointment or disgrace, or a shill for an Extremist Political Party – increasingly, off the rails, forever seizing more power and more control!

The Hour is now upon us – we are all called to stand. This is the urgency of the moment:
We cannot, we must not, remain silent.
It is time to Speak Truth to Power!
It is time to Choose Liberty over Tyranny!
Enough is Enough !!!

Once again:
In times of crisis we turn to trusted leaders who offer integrity, experience, courage, and competence to advance unity, justice, and solutions – someone we Trust. And we must look also to ourselves!

“ … For such a time as this … ”
I am ready! I hope and pray you are too.

Please stand with me –

Until the fight is over!
You and I have only begun to fight!

Thank You All !
Dan Matthews
Bottom Line: I ask for Your Voice and Your Vote.