Become A Volunteer

Please – Join me – In whatever way you possibly can.

The Resources we will need include: People, Time, and Money.

People – who will work tirelessly, from now, through Election Day to tell others that we have an answer to the Crises of today. There is no greater resource than committed, dedicated, loyal workers who help bear the burden of this struggle.

Time – we have about five months, a few weeks – but that is the same constraint for the other side. So, we multiply the time available by more people working to spread the word.

Money – the “Mother’s Milk” of campaigns … the financial ability to send out and spread our message and reach every possible voter, whether online, in social media, or up close and personal. The Law of Multiplication.

Together, we will make a difference – for today and for tomorrow.
. . . For Life . . . For Liberty . . . For Love – Nothing Less.

~ Dan Matthews