Well, I hear you my friends – indeed, such stories compel my action!


And so, I respond to B– and R–,

knowing that B– personally knows too well of this evil:


The Perils of  “I Didn’t Know, and I Didn’t Care!”

It didn’t start with Gulags or Gas Chambers,

It began with One Party controlling the Media,

One Party controlling the Message,

One Party deciding what is Truth,

One Party censoring speech and suppressing opposition,

Undermining the family unit; indoctrinating the children.

One Party dividing citizens into “us” and “them” –

Always consolidating their power by fear and lies,

As they Seized the Education system and then

The citizens’ means of defense, mandating their compliance,

Calling on their supporters to harass and hate,

Muzzling the Church, marginalizing any voices of reason,

Defunding the police, Enabling lawlessness,

Rigging Elections, and Weaponizing government itself,

One Party, Silencing all dissent and labeling dissenters.

It started, and it succeeded, when Good People

Turned a blind eye, Let it happen, and Did Nothing!”


While perhaps fifteen percent of Voters are engaged and informed,

Too many people today are unaware – or just don’t care –

Their silence is both deafening and dangerous.

Sometimes, it all seems so hopeless.


Yes, Rep. Rick Larsen, you are in power, for now,

While “… the people hide and pray” –

Understanding that they are not represented, while

The rich get richer, and you politicians gain more power

To dictate, mandate, require, conceal, and command.

Veterans wondering if they will ever be remembered,

Farmers knowing they are forgotten and must fight

For every inch of soil they till and the water they require.

Factory workers who just want good, safe work,

Teachers who simply want to teach and not indoctrinate

With the disturbing messages of the fringe and the Far Left,

And Indigenous People becoming increasingly aware

That they have been manipulated and misled

By new Slave Masters who care only for power and money.


We Recall, in history, that –

The cry came forth some 3,300 years ago,

When, finally, a leader stepped forward,

Compelled by the rightness of his cause.

Indeed, with a Power beyond himself,

He stepped before the ruling authority,

Risking everything, boldly declaring,

Let My People Go!


You and your Party, Mr. Larsen, bask in the knowledge

that you can message and manipulate the masses,

Backed by the Media and Fourth estate – the Press –

That has become your protector and advocate, leaving

Truth forever on the scaffold,

wrong forever on the throne.”

And crumbs fall off your table –

To we peons who hope for morsels and some respect.

And you tell us how much you do for us,

Yet, We are reminded that …

“… The words of the prophets are written

on the subway walls and tenement halls …”

 – No one dares, disturb the Sounds of Silence –


Too many remain silent – some, not even Voting

Unaware or indifferent to the perils they enable.

And, Mr. Larsen, you remain –

A living testament to the need for Term Limits.

Failing your constituency, as you collect more power

And money – to do as you please –

Joining with your Party to recklessly spend,

And further consolidate your power,

Always at the expense of the people.

Drunken Drivers of this Ship of State

Recklessly wasting the people’s future,

Intoxicated with your power and wealth.

And you rest in your residence in Bethesda, Maryland,

Far away and out of touch with “the rabble” –

The restless and good citizens of this beautiful place.


Residents of Whatcom, Skagit, Island,

San Juan, and Snohomish Counties,

Perhaps blindly hoping that things will get better.


When and how did you stop serving the public,

And we become your servants,

As you served yourself to the Perks of Power?

Is Insider Trading part of the package for everyone?

Are you a mere puppet – dancing to Pelosi’s strings?

You both seem to thrive on the dependency of the People.


Yes, We are disillusioned and anxious,

Seeing a Party and Congressman that take pleasure,

And somehow gain strength,

in dividing and disparaging us by referring to us

As privileged, or victims, or oppressors –

Racists, domestic terrorists, extremists,

the Far Right, or “those people”

While you pretend to come to the rescue

With more Lies and your hidden Agendas,

Intentionally destroying our Energy Independence

So that we will become more “Green” –

Further dependent on our Slave-Masters

For our needs and dreams.


And the incompetence and incoherence

of your Administration and bizarre leadership

Has so destabilized the world and international peace

That free people in Taiwan and Ukraine,

And around the world, no longer trust our great country

To defend their Freedom and Rights as sovereign nations.

And they may soon fall, as you and Patty Murray

increasingly buddy-up to Communist China.


Our own sovereignty is now at stake

before the Powers of the W.H.O.,

the World Economic Forum (WEF),

and other international Power Centers

bent on the panacea of One World Government,

and the Utopia of Centralized Power and Authority.

And you, Mr. Larsen, participate in assisting these agencies

With pride, and always, more power and money,

As you actually undermine the sovereignty and voice

Of the very government and system

that has propelled you to prominence.


Perhaps the biggest lesson we are learning now

Is that: We must not return to power

You who got us into all these messes in the first place.

And the people bowed and prayed

to the neon god they’d made…”


How dare you weaponize the very structures of government,

Established to serve the people,  

Now conspiring to marginalize and threaten citizens

Who dare to question your motives, methods, or message!


Yes, I will speak out, as long as I have breath,

As I commit to bring “Climate Change” to Washington –

On both coasts!


A message of statesmanship and necessity,

Because we need not be polarized and divided.

This is a calculated political and philosophical trick

To gain the upper hand and always demonize the opposition.

If there are those not bent on our destruction,

Who do not hate America or its great people – I beg:

We must return civility to our discourse,

Bringing understanding, tolerance and

mutual respect to our deliberations,

Disagreeing, perhaps, but without being disagreeable.

Declaring our love and crying out assurance –

To the idealistic youth, or the discouraged senior,

To everyone yearning to breathe free,

Yes, even to the Unborn – still under assault,

“You are not forgotten! We will stand by and for you!”

With another warning, informed by experience and history:


Fools”, said I, “You do not know
Silence like a cancer grows
Hear my words that I might teach you
Take my arms that I might reach you”
But my words like silent raindrops fell
And echoed in the wells of silence.”


My friends, Please, you cannot remain silent and not Vote!

PLEASE, engage now, become informed,

And please, be aware:

That the Party once represented by Scoop Jackson and

John Kennedy no longer embraces their values or objectives,

That the admonition of President Kennedy to,

“Ask not what your country can do for you,

Ask what you can do for your country.”

Is lost and irrelevant to the Jason Calls and Rick Larsens –

the Democrats – of this increasingly polarized, political world,

Seeking advantage in the appealing allure of “Free Stuff”

Though it is always at the expense of others and the future.


I must question, Mr. Larsen, just how is the bankrupting

and dividing of our society useful to the Democrat Party?

You create a crisis, and then march in with another

Big Government solution, further ensnaring us, and eroding our liberty!


Finally, Rick – Respectfully,

We say to you and your destructively dishonest Party


“Get your hands off our children!”


You do not have our permission to teach them hate,

To confuse their impressionable young minds,

Or, To sexualize the innocent, and

Indoctrinate them with destructive ideologies,

Destroying their precious innocence on a perverse altar,

Undermining the family and thus society itself.




I am Dan Matthews, and I ask these things.


Mr. Larsen:

Do you approve of these attacks on our young?

Does the Marxist teaching of Critical Race Theory

represent your perspective of our society?

Do you teach your sons that you are an oppressor,

because you are White, and that they are oppressors too?

That they will succeed because of their White Privilege?

Do you believe Second Graders should be taught to

question their own identity or that gender itself is “fluid”?

Is THIS what you represent?


Yes, Rick, You appear to be a good Representative …

Of Big Money and the Power Brokers of the Beltway!

We, however, the citizens of Washington’s 2nd Congressional District,

Honestly look for someone who is one of us,

Someone who will not always be distant and aloof,

Someone who will remain in touch and remember us,

Who will, first and always, REPRESENT us.


What is happening, Mr. Larsen?!

You and your Party, The Democrats,

seem to increasingly be plunging headlong to The Extreme Left,

Abandoning all balance and moderation –

Do you prevail and succeed because

Too many see things as they hope them to be

And not as they really are. You do sell The Big Lie well.


Understand, however, that voices, like mine, will not be silenced

By the apathy of our neighbor or the compliance of the deceived.

For myself, I have come too far and seen too much!

I have twice gone to war, and I remember!

Still, I take comfort and great solace –

Knowing that my sons and daughters,

My grandsons and granddaughters,

Perhaps B– and R –’s own children,

Nieces and Nephews, neighbors, and friends,

That Men and Women I will never meet –

Red and Yellow, Black, Brown, and White –

Will one day rise up, Unite, and repeat this demand,

Let My People Go!


So, to The Future, perhaps beyond my horizon –

To Simon and Ben, Anita and Nate, Sam, and Carrie,

Peter and Petra, Caleb, and Jesse,

To our sons and daughters – and

All the unknown lovers of Freedom and dignity,

Who will pick up this torch of Trial and Testing:

Please Remember, and stand tall –

Defending – when necessary,

Justice and Freedom and Love, With your very All –

That your children, and your children’s children

May know the “Blessings of Liberty”

And never taste the terrible curses of Tyranny.


This I pray, This I plead,

With Hope and Affection,

With a Prayer and Purpose

Grounded in The Word and Real Love.


God Bless you all on this, our Independence Day,


Dan Matthews

July 4th, 2022