Dan Matthews | The Campaign Ends – and Begins | November 2022

November 9th, 2022 || Dan Matthews

And so this political campaign and season comes to an end – the results to be determinedshortly. We have not prevailed.

But our mission – win or lose – is not complete. We have only begun.Again, the central concern on so many hearts:

What Kind of America, what kind of a World, Do We Want the Next Generation to Inherit ?

As political seasons come, we return to the dance – where issues and candidates compete and swirl around – vying forattention and consideration. Sometimes announcing, often demonizing, ever declaring “pick me, pick me!”

And once again, we find ourselves and others manipulated and even lied to. We listen, but are not always listened to. We hope – a little; We trust – a little; We believe – a little.

But mostly, we are disappointed and disillusioned that seldom does anyone speak real Truth or address the overriding Dilemmas of our age. And so, we do the dance and often become indifferent or calloused to the messages and messengers.

Messages of division and distrust; selfishness and distortion; manipulation and mendacity – the meanness that divides into us vs. them, appealing to our baser motives and lesser selves, even to hate our neighbor, rather than build bridges.

Yet, I submit, We long for a return to Hope; to real strength and real Faith – Faith in something more than ourselves. We look for Respect – both to give and receive; for Integrity and the Trust it begets. We yearn for Servant Leaders – who offer civility and sacrifice and a humanity so absent in the selfishness of this hour.

Where is the statesman, the leader, the selfless voice who would summon and represent our better selves? Who would do so without embracing the corrupting influence of power and money, or reveal an irritating ego and ambitionthat is never satisfied.

Will we ever return to the ethic that challenges everyone to: “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country!”? Or will we continue to descend into depravity and the dependency bred by our apathy and acceptance of the deceptive path of entitlement and mediocrity –that embraces the one who offers the easy path or the most “benefits” they can grab in exchange for increased control and conformity to their imposed will; who hides in pretense their true motives – All to get re-elected and retain power.

How is it that we have abandoned the noble and good for the fleeting security of power and privilege, or even free stuff? When did the siren song of compromise and complacency cause us to surrender our humanity on the altars of convenience and callousness? To even dare to sacrifice innocent life for the sake of our personal expediency, instead of uniting tosurround that woman with love, empathy, support, kindness, and grace in her time of greatest need.

In spite of all our troubles and challenges, our disagreements, and positions pale in comparison to this one malady of our society and people: We are a divided, disillusioned, and conflicted people who have lost hold and even sight of the primacy of this one thing: Our Very Soul! Our essential Humanity! Of the Good!

And conflicted as we are, we default to conflict and discord rather than harmony and understanding.

Oh, that Our Soul, our very Heart, would be reborn and reclaim the essence of our humanity and the transcendent, authentic Human that instinctively knows the path of Life and Love – that cries out daily for the real security of acceptance, respect, morality, honor, forgiveness, and grace.

Our heart and our character compel us to believe in the goodness and dignity of others – but our choices too often drive us to unwelcome and destructive paths. Only in trial and adversity do we sometimes blossom and reveal the essence of real love, sacrifice, concern, compassion, and humanity.

Yet our society would rather embrace the Evil and attractions of the hour than the power of Love, which is to say, we have ignored the Sovereign Lord God and His perfect plan for each of us.

And as we return to the question of this hour:What Kind of America, what kind of a World, Do I Want the Next Generation to Inherit ? … we pause and reflect – perhaps praying that we would someday choose wisely the answer – because we know it matters.

Oh, please, I pray that the answer is pure, noble, praise-worthy and of good report. That, please God, our children will not inherit the wind … The consequences of our poor choices, lust, pride, and arrogance. That we will awaken and teach them wisely as we protect them from Evil.

At the outset, our Founders set forth their objective and purpose:
We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do establish and ordain this Constitution for the United States of America.

Armed with this framework and theirfirm foundation of faith in God that bound them together, these builders and believers established a bedrock of direction, justice, and humanity to guide us forward, as they committed their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor.This was their legacy.

How can we do less? We must not!

The charge before us is obvious, and it is now being played out around our nation.

It is now time, my friends, to embrace and reaffirm the message of our foundation, and most certainly of the Christ who left His Word, His Way, and very presence to discover, deliver, follow, and sustain.

We are all God’s creation – Created for His glory and perfect purpose. He has called us all to live out our lives in Love and for His Divine Will. And, this day, He has called out new leaders to join those holding positions of decision-making –

Calling each to Unite; to Commit; to Care; toHumble themselves as they Sacrifice and Serve– for the common good.
Only then, my friends, can this great and good God Hear from Heaven and Heal our Land. It begins with each of us.

From the outset, you have heard me say:
I am driven by my Faith – by my Hope – by my Love. These three ….

MyFaith, Hope, and Love of God;
My Faith, Hope, and Love of my Family;
My Faith, Hope, and Love of my Friends and Fellow Man;
My Faith, Hope, and Love of our Country and this fragile World – with our many challenges; and
My Faith, Hope, and Love of the Future.

These compel me, now and always:
This is the legacy that I Pray the Next Generation will Inherit!

Let us not grow weary in doing good!
There is so little done – so much to do.
Storm clouds gather and perilous times lie ahead.
We will need one another. Work ‘til the night is over.

Thank You and God Bless You! I so love you all –

Dan Matthews

Meet Dan Matthews

  • Elected Experience:Former School Board member – Lobbied for Children, Parents, and Education issues in Washington, D.C.; Snohomish County Charter Review Commissioner. LD-21 GOP Chair / PCO.
  • Other Professional Experience: Veteran – Vietnam, Desert Storm Pilot – Retired Air Force Lt. Colonel. Retired Airline 747 Captain/Instructor, Airline Pilots’ Association (ALPA) Union member. Recently: Contract Instructor Pilot / Consultant – Boeing.
  • Education:University Puget Sound, BA, Political Science; Golden Gate University, MPA – Master’s Degree – Public Administration, Gov’t.
  • Community Service:Active in local Church (Deacon), The Heritage Foundation; the Washington Policy Center; Domestic Abuse Services; Housing Hope; Union Gospel Mission; Pregnancy Resource Center; the Alliance Defending Freedom; the Nature Conservancy; Cousteau Society (Founder); American Legion; VFW; Combat Vets for Congress; Reserve Officers Association; STEM Skills Task Force; NRA, Life Member; Manhattan Declaration; Former Little League coach, Rotary.  [Romans 12].

I believe our country is in real Crisis: If we continue in this direction, our Economy will become weaker; more of us will lose our jobs, our homes, health care and pensions. Nationally and Internationally, instability threatens us all!

Years of weak representation is enough! Rick Larsen and other career politicians also threaten us; entrenched politicians, spending years in Congress, “Pelosi Puppets,” responsible for this crisis, often getting rich, at our expense. I am running to unseat Rick Larsen and return real representation to the 2nd Congressional District. A overriding premise: We must not return to power those who got us into this mess.

I am a Citizen Candidate who will always work hard for you, offering Change: problem-solving statesmanship over partisanship. I commit to fully Represent You!  Power and money are represented, we are not!  I seek Climate Change – in our political discourse and direction. I will never resort to political lies or extremism, but advance Truth, Respect, Balance, and Understanding.  The divisions in our society must be healed.

I offer myself “for such a time as this.” Your Vote directs me to change course, carefully, and secure a safe future for ourselves and our children. I will forever champion the cause of Human Life – defending Life for the most vulnerable among us, from conception to natural death. Respectfully, I ask my opponent and his Party: Take your hands off our children. You do not have our permission to teach them hate, to confuse their impressionable young minds, or indoctrinate them with destructive ideology, undermining the family and society. Enough!!

My Congressional Focus: Inflation and Jobs; National and Border Security; Public Safety, including Compassionate and Effective Law Enforcement; Lower Energy costs; Cut Spending; Balanced Budget; Reduce the National Debt; Guarantee a strong National Defense; Limit Government’s size and reach; Address Drug and Human Trafficking, and Mental Health concerns; Fully Honor all commitments to Medicare, Social Security recipients, and Veterans; Reduce Federal Regulations, and Intrusion; Foster Business and Job growth; strengthen Education – including educational choice; advocate for the Environmental, and Election Integrity. My emphasis: to Always Communicate, and Faithfully Represent You, with Integrity.     

I humbly request your Vote and Voice. Together, We will Change Direction: Restoring Hope, Confidence, Civility, and Trust.  I am Ready – To Represent You!

       ~ Dan Matthews

A Message from Dan …

I have flown in two wars – Vietnam and Desert Storm – represented and served our country around the world in the US Air Force; served as an Airline Captain, raised a family with my wife Jan, been elected to a local School Board, served my community.

In this hour, our trust, confidence, and respect for our leaders and our country’s direction is minimal. Our leadership has failed us. Power and money are represented – we are not!

In times of crisis we turn to trusted leaders who offer integrity, experience, courage, and competence to advance unity, justice, and solutions – someone we Trust – never those pursuing the vain illusion of political power.

I am Dan Matthews and, Like You, I’ve Had Enough! And that is why I am running to Represent you in Congress. Yes, I have come off the bench. I have reentered the fight – a fight for Liberty, for individual and societal rights, for Faith, for Family, and yes, for Freedom. Because these matter!


Too much of what is happening today is Wrong –
My Friends, we are, in fact, at War!
An Economic War – for our ability to provide and survive,
A Social War – for parents and families and their rights,
A Cultural War – for our children and their future,
It is a Spiritual War – for hearts, souls, and minds.
A Political War – for each individual and their rights,
It is a National War – for our Constitution,
Our Character, our Country – Our Very Humanity.
Ultimately, We are engaged in a War for Liberty –
Whether we leave a legacy of Liberty and Love, or
A future of Tyranny and Enslavement.
I need not detail the breakdown of our society – It is all around us.
We have seen it – we are living it now.
We all know our country is in real Crisis !

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Economy & Jobs

While Rick Larsen and company pursue expanding government,
always taxing and spending more, I will target unrestrained spending,
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America First, America Strong

United, we stand – Divided, we fall!

The polarization and division in society and in politics must end.

It is written in history: “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

I seek to return civility and respect to Congress and leadership.

I will bring “Climate Change” to Congress
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